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OWSEM Educational Programs and Presentations


If your organization is interested in learning more about Ospreys, we can help!  OWSEM members can provide a slide show or PowerPoint presentation at your meeting or event.

The photo to the right shows Barb Jensen leading the popular, interactive Bioaccumulation presentation.

Julie Oakes photo, used with permission

Also, you can schedule a guided tour at Kensington MetroPark to see an active nest and the hacking tower used in Michiganís first reintroduction of Ospreys. Depending on when you visit, there could be Ospreys nesting, babies growing, or youngsters learning to fly!

The photo the left is an early 2013 season shot at the Windfall Bay nest.

Jane Purslow photo, used with permission.

To schedule a program or hike, click here and choose one of the options.

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