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OWSEM’s Contributions to Osprey Research

In addition to collecting data on Osprey sightings, nest identification and location, number of young, etc., OWSEM also helps by tagging nestlings, both with Federal bands and now starting in July 2013, with satellite transmitters.

Above is Ming Yao’s photograph of the Estral Beach Transmitter Deployment Team.  From left to right: Sarah Woodhouse (Detroit Zoo Veterinarian), Jason Cousino (DTE Energy Field Safety Specialist), Roberta Urbani (DTE Energy Environmental Planner), Eric Schmitt (OWSEM, initiated the Transmitter Program), Barb Jenson (OWSEM Transmitter Program Coordinator), Brad Pieczarka (Pole climber/access chick), Brian Washburn (USDA-APHIS, transmitter deployer), Julie Oakes (MDNR Wildlife Biologist), and Tom Schneider (Detroit Zoo Curator of Birds)

Ming Yao photo, used with permission

As with many cool projects, this one is a team effort. It involved OWSEM and Michigan DNR working together with organizations (Detroit Zoo, DTE Energy, USDA-APHIS, American Tower, and MoveBank) as well as individuals (Eric Schmitt, Brad Pieczarka, and Richard “Rob” Bierregaard).  More pictures from the many talented photographers who help OWSEM will be posted soon.

Thank you, everyone!


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